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White Labelled Partner

In this detailed case study we are about to reveal the secrets involved in business expansion using effective paid search and ,PPC campaign management.

Our client is a White labelled partner hence as per our business policy and agreement we will not disclose the client’s name, However the case study will show the real facts of the Pay Per Click optimization and implementation.


Based on the initial SWOT analysis we found out that our client had only few true competitors but its online competitive market space was packed with competitors on both a national & geo-targeted basis.

After analysing our client’s PPC budget, we found that it was not sufficient to achieve full visibility for the search volume on the necessary keywords, so DGA had to devise a strategy to optimize budget and completely focusing on these five key goals.

→ Increase new industry specific website traffic.
→ Increase potential leads for the business
→ Increase the number of conversions
→ Increase the revenue generated and
→ Increase brand visibility


Description of the actual Solution after analysis optimization. Decreasing the number of impressions lost due to poor quality scores. A comprehensive Quality score analysis was done. Aim to increase the increase ad click through rates

While we wanted to increase the total impression share due to the client’s budget constraints, we also made sure to drive the most relevant traffic to the most suited landing pages to increase engagement and conversions on the web.


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Before Adwords

Click on above Picture to check the status of Google Adwords - Before

Adwords Challenge on PPC - After

Click on above Picture to check the status of Google Adwords - After

Adwords Challenge on PPC - Before

Perfecting a strategy to optimize their budget.

47.55% - increase in total paid traffic
59% - Total Increase in Revenue
35% - increase in purchase conversions
16% - Decreased cost per acquisition by


The end result was a positive return from the above paid search campaigns. We adopted strategies by coming with the right keywords and then we reduced the volume of keywords within respective ad groups. This is what is discussed above. We then provided and created more budgets for our client for higher converting keywords. This gave them higher visibility and a considerable gain in relevant traffic to the website. We then used testing procedures and analytics tracking to generate a higher ROI and increase awareness for our client’s brand and products.

10.32% (an additional $85.75)
45.20% Increase in website registrations
39% Increase in paid search ROI