SEO Case Study

"Successful SEO in not about tricking Google. It is about Partnering with Google to provide the best search for Google's users" .......Phil Frost

The Complete SEO optimization and implementation from Startups to SMBs

"The Best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search"......Anonymous
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In this study, we’ll show you how to put into action the optimization techniques point by point. Its always tedious to perform on – page SEO which is linked to the focus from off-page SEO. The off-page brings traction and links to the content increasing the focus. Like a delicious wet burrito – first you have to have something worth serving – THEN you start letting people know about it.


Client requested to improve the rankings in Google search engine and also attract visitors to their site and also engage them with awesome content


Before we took up the task, we had focused on retaining the current business goal by ensuring the traffic generation and retaining the same from the other viable sources, such as YouTube and Facebook. We generated the quality traffic of prospective leads from both of the social media sites and boosted the lead generation and branding. We have included anchor text and backlinks in the video description so as to generate most prospective traffic to the main website.

digital global agency SEO concole - After

Click on above Picture to check the status of SEO - Before

digital global agency seo console - Before

Click on above Picture to check the status of SEO - After

48% - Organic Traffic Increment
23% - Bounce Rate Decrement
17% - Average Visit Duration increment
22% - Pages per session increment


We have used time tested techniques from a business pov. Let it be any industry specialism, business owners are bothered about results. Based on this, not just achieving a high CTR is important but also a high conversion rate. Although in this case the leads generated were quite high but having a low CTR is acceptable as long as the leads convert. In short we simply don't waste your money by bringing you a high CTR but also the actual results.

26.02% CTR
20% less CPA
72% ROI